About Us

So what makes me "me"? I've done the whole "work hard/play hard" thing. I've been unemployed. I've made money. I've lost money. I've been well off. I've been poor. I've been "successful". I've made massive mistakes.

I've worked with businesses ranging from one man bands to multinationals; new start-ups to well established businesses; private companies and public limited companies; non-profits and fast growing commercial enterprises. I know which of all those things I've liked, and which I've hated. And I've learned a lot about what makes business "tick".

And that means I bring a really helpful perspective. Taking your business forward in a way that works for YOU. Your situation. Your solution.


My 'qualifications'? BA(Hons) PGCE Dip(Hyp) DipTEFL DipTESOL MPhil MCIJ MIoEE FCIM FRSA FRSU FSBT, Chartered Marketer, Licensed Trainer of NLP, Licensed Facilitator for Get Clients Now, and so on.


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About Us

I have a number honours of which I am very proud, including being a Kentucky Colonel and honorary aide-de-camp to the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, a Freeman of the City of London, winner of Midlands Business Person of the Year 2009 and being named the SFEDI Enterprise Champion Professional Service Provider 2009. I am also a Knight Grand Commander of the Order of St. Edward the Confessor, UK Commander of the Catholic Order of the Temple, the 13th Baron of Bourn and Lord of the Manor of Adworthy.


The Rugby Football Club



Of course, I am present on the usual range of media.


What do I do?


Well, the first question has to be "what do you want"?

Can't see the wood for the trees? Too busy fighting alligators to remember your job was to drain the swamp? Fed up dealing with location change management specialists and arthymic oscillating technicians (a.k.a. 'movers and shakers')?

Or would you rather just cut through the clichés and get the job done?

I help businesses get started, change direction, and refocus what they do. With a background covering accounting, marketing and engineering I can help you get where you want to go.

What I do

  • Non executive director
  • Marketing consultancy
  • International sales consultancy
  • Training
  • Management consultancy
  • Change agent
  • Business refocussing
  • Business redesign
  • Internal communications review


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Unit 429, 109 Vernon House, Friar Lane,
Nottingham, NG1 6DQ
United Kingdom

Phone: 0115-888-3130 | Email: david@david-nicoll.co.uk